We help busy entrepreneurs & business owners visually establish the worth of their company.

Creative Services
Alera Design offers expertise in strategic research, brainstorming, art direction, layout creation, typography, and color theory—the essential components of creative graphic design. Specific services & project deliverables include but are not limited to:
• Logo design, branding & visual identity
• Ads, flyers & brochures
• Stationery & business cards
• Postcards & invitations
• Posters & signage
• Book cover designs & interior layout
• Packaging
• Interactive PDFs & whitepapers
• Digital ads & graphics
• Web design on Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Square/Weebly, etc.
• Custom web design via PDF to be delivered to web coders/developers
• Social media graphics & banners
• Photography including corporate headshots, commercial & product photography, travel, nature, & macro
We help busy entrepreneurs & business owners visually establish the worth of their company with professional branding & graphic design, so they can:

We’re here to help you grow your business. After all, your success is our success.
The Process
You submit your completed creative briefs (Logo & Brand Questionnaire, Design Project Brief, Web Design Brief), depending on your specific project(s) needs.
If you are filling out multiple creative briefs, you may leave a note on any repeat questions that you previously answered on whichever brief those questions were originally completed on.
We will review your submitted creative brief(s).
We will discuss your creative needs further via email, or schedule either a phone call or video meeting if preferred.
Design Consultation
for Established Businesses
Most folks don't realize the importance of psychology in graphic design. Things don't just "look pretty" for pretty's sake. Branding as a whole and the various marketing pieces that are designed for each individual business must mesh with the brand's visual voice & identity and its target market. This drives why we use certain colors, imagery, typefaces, white space, textures, and the like.
Seeking to understand if your business is currently cohesive in its branding and core messaging to your target market? Interested to see if you truly are visually establishing the worth of your company through its marketing & design assets? Schedule a consultation today. Please provide a link and/or files of everything you'd like to review. Rates start at $150/hour.
for Design Professionals
Hoping to fine-tune your graphic design skills to better serve your clients? Looking for feedback on one (or more) of your projects before proofing? Schedule a consultation today. Please provide a link and/or files of everything you'd like to review. Rates start at $150/hour.
Please note
Design consultations are only for established businesses and design professionals seeking design feedback for improvement. Design consultations are NOT for new projects or new businesses. For our new client & new project intake process, please review those steps above under "Creative Services."
If for any reason after reviewing your submitted links and/or files, I believe that I cannot contribute enough to warrant a consultation, I will let you know, refund any paid amount, and cancel our scheduled meeting. I want you to benefit from our design consultation, and I'll be honest about it.
Testimonials from Design professionals
"Lindsay is patient, thoughtful and insightful as a design mentor. She has a sharp eye and is lovely to work with!"
EMILY TALLMAN // Professional Graphic Designer
Student Mentoring
Lindsay offers personal one-on-one mentorships for current or recently graduated graphic design students. If you're interested in a free student mentorship, fill out the Student Mentorship form and include a link to your portfolio.
Testimonials from students
"Lindsay has been my mentor [from March–October 2020]. Working with her was a very rewarding experience. She helped me during the process of creating my website and portfolio. She shared her experience and knowledge in Graphic Design but also in English. We talked about all of the things that are crucial for every designer but rarely taught at school. She always listened to me and gave me her attention when I needed some guidance. She's a highly detail-oriented designer, experienced in many fields related to graphic design, and communicative, nice, kind, likable, open person too."
MAGDALENA P. // Design graduate from Poland

"Thank you again Lindsay for opening my eyes to things I never would have noticed before in design."
MATTHEW L. // Design graduate from Michigan, USA

"Overall a joy to work with! She makes learning about Graphic Design very fun and enjoyable."
MACY S. // Student from Texas, USA
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